Locksmith Pay Per Click

We Can Manage Your PPC For You!

Locksmith Pay Per Click Management

Locksmith SEO offers pay per click management as an integral part of our locksmith website and search engine optimization package and in some cases our locksmith pay for performance package. Having a balance between pay per click and organic search results allows your locksmith company to have more exposure and be seen by more prospective customers then by using only one of the two. In most cases the pay per click ads are going to be seen by the searcher before any other search results including the Google Places listings.  At locksmith SEO our philosophy is: the more places your listing resides, the more likely your locksmith business is to get the click.

Can’t I just manage my own locksmith PPC?

You can but you’ll be missing out on all of the great benefits you’ll receive from taking advantage of professional locksmith pay per click management. Our locksmith AdWords manager has over 11 years of experience managing pay per click campaigns for many different types of companies including locksmiths. Fine-tuning locksmith PPC campaigns is our specialty. There are a lot of little things that have to be done in order to increase your quality score which allows your ad to rank higher at a cheaper price. Our locksmith pay per click management can bring your cost per click down.

Paid Search Set Up: $499 (includes 3 campaigns)

  1. Click Fraud Software Setup
  2. Landing Page Creation
  3. Account Creation
  4. Campaign, Adgroup, Keyword Setup
  5. Writing Ads
  6. Initial Report

*in most cases 1 campaign = one city

On-Going Paid Search Management – $299/mo

  1. Click Fraud Mitigation (IP Exclusions and Proxy Click Detection)
  2. Landing Page Tuning And Optimization
  3. Ad Split Testing And Optimization
  4. Continued Keyword Research And Development
  5. Ongoing Reporting
  6. Client Consultations


If you are new to pay per click advertising you can get into big trouble very quickly. We have seen countless locksmiths go into serious debt or even out of business because they mismanaged their paid search accounts.

Here is what our PPC management for locksmiths includes:

  • compiling a broad list of relevant locksmith keywords
  • creating mobile phone and desktop campaigns
  • creating specific ad groups under each campaign
  • continually writing and rotating at least two ads per ad group for split testing purposes
  • creating a list of negative keywords (keywords you don’t want to be found for: example unlocking iphones)
  • monitoring pay per click campaign for fraudulent clicks
  • fraudulent click mitigation (blocking the IP addresses of fraudulent clicks and contacting Google)
  • continual campaign optimization (making the campaign better and better – you rank higher and your cost goes down!)
  • extension setup (sitelinks, call extensions, call out extentions, etc.)
  • bid monitoring and adjustments
  • conversion ratio optimization

The Cost Of Locksmith Pay Per Click Ads Are Going Up!

The average cost for a Locksmith click is now over $20 in the US. If you are using Google AdWords, Bing or Yahoo for ad clicks, you will be seeing that price increase as time goes on. The average conversion rate for a mobile phone ad (call now) is 2.3 meaning it will cost you in upwards of $40 per call. If you are new to paying adwords and don’t have your campaigns setup properly, you can spend a ton of money fast so be careful!

Consider SEO (search engine optimization)

One way to curb the rising cost of paid search advertising is by signing up for our locksmith seo and website design package. Any locksmith looking for a long term solution for getting new business should seriously consider this option.