Order A Locksmith Website

8 Page Site Only $1500

Locksmith SEO started as a company that did search engine optimization for locksmiths. We quickly came to realize that most locksmith websites were not fit to be optimized. They were built wrong from the start and needed to be redone from the ground up. There are over 200 factors that the search engines look at when considering which website they are going to  show on the first page of the search results. You need to have as many of these factors in place if you want to stand a chance.

Our Locksmith Website Strategy Is Simple:

We build one locksmith website per city that you want to get calls from. Lets face it, there is a locksmith in every city. If you want to get calls from a specific area, you have to have a web presence there.

We Include Everything You Need:

  • We Design The Site
  • We Write The Pages
  • We Do The Search Engine Optimization
  • You Get To Keep The Site
  • You Own The Domain
  • SEO Service Is Monthly And Optional