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Paid Search FOr Locksmiths

If you are new to pay per click advertising you can get into big trouble very quickly. We have seen countless locksmiths go into serious debt or even out of business because they mismanaged their paid search accounts. 

Having a balance between pay per click and organic search results allows your locksmith company to have more exposure and be seen by more prospective customers. In most cases the pay per click ads are going to be seen by the searcher before any other search results including the Google My Business.  At locksmith SEO our philosophy is: the more places your listing resides, the more likely your locksmith business is to get the click.

We have years of experience managing pay per click campaigns for locksmiths all over the United States. Fine-tuning locksmith PPC campaigns is our specialty. There are a lot of little things that have to be done in order to increase your quality score which allows your ad to rank higher at a cheaper price. Our locksmith pay per click management can bring your cost per click down.

What's Included

  1. Click Fraud Software Setup
  2. Landing Page Creation
  3. Account Creation
  4. Campaign, Adgroup, Keyword Setup
  5. Writing Ads
  6. Initial Report
  7. Landing Page Tuning And Optimization
  8. Ad Split Testing And Optimization
  9. Continued Keyword Research And Development
  10. Ongoing Reporting
  11. Client Consultations

If you are thinking about using paid search to promote your locksmith business, give a call first. Our years of experience will save you time, money and frustration. We can take care of all of your paid search advertising and target benchmark goals like cost per call or lead. Locksmith SEO is a great choice for running your Adwords campaigns. 


Want to talk about your project? We are happy to help. 




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