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Welcome to Locksmith SEO. We specialize in modern day locksmith marketing by designing, writing, and search engine optimizing custom “turn key” locksmith websites  that are built to rank well in Google, Yahoo and Bing for specific geographically targeted areas. We have helped locksmiths all over the United States  increase their sales and grow their businesses by using proven search engine marketing techniques. If you plan to be in the locksmith business for some time to come, its imperative you have a strong presence online.


Show up in the search engines!


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Mobile Friendly!

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Locksmith Websites – It all starts with SEO!

SEO stands for search engine optimization.This is the process of making your website search engine and user friendly. If you want your locksmith website to rank on page one of Google, it has to be optimized. Making your locksmith website search engine friendly is a process that has to be thought through before even writing the first word. We start with keyword research and because we work on locksmith websites all day every day we know which locksmith keywords work and which ones are not worth chasing. Locksmith SEO is not all we do. We also write unique and engaging content for your site, create a great looking site design that works on regular browsers as well as mobile phone and tablet browsers.

Search psychology

We research what people are searching for. We run reports every month to see which searches are trending and make sure those words are being added to your locksmith website. If you have a locksmith website you need to make sure you’re being found for all of these searches in your local area.

Content Writing

We create  fresh marketing content for every locksmith website we build. These pages are optimized for the search terms your customers are using.  Since we build a lot of locksmith websites, we know which words bring in business and how to effectively use them on your locksmith website.

Mobile Compatibility

If your site is not optimized to display on a mobile phone, you are missing out on jobs. At Locksmith SEO we will make sure your new locksmith website  design works on all devices and we will create a click to call button making it even easier for your customers to get a hold of you.

Conversion Optimized Locksmith Websites

Lastly, we make sure your new locksmith website is set up to convert. From click to call buttons to mobile optimized contact forms, to descriptions that lure visitors onto your site instead of your competitors, we cover it all. If you don’t have the time or expertise to do all of these things your self, its time to call  your Locksmith SEO team. Our goal is to help you get more business.

Locksmith Website Design And SEO

You need a pro in your corner…

Locksmith websites are some of the hardest websites to design and get to show up in the search engines. All of the search engines look very close at how a locksmith website is put together, how well the content is written, how fast the site loads and if the site is built to show up on mobile phones. Getting all of these things right requires a professional team of locksmith marketing professionals: Locksmith SEO!

Locksmith Websites That Work For You!

Why do you need a locksmith website?  Nobody uses the  Yellow Pages anymore. Over 90% of businesses are now found using the Internet. Imagine, a wife goes to the mall to buy Christmas present for one of her kids and locks her keys in the car. She’s not going to call home and ask her husband to go look in the Yellow Pages for a locksmith. She’s going to  get on her iPhone and type “locksmith”  into the little search box.   She will look at the 1st ones that come up, pick the one that is most appealing to her and call that company to come unlock  her car.  Some of the top search terms you may use to find a local locksmith are city locksmith, car locksmith, auto locksmith, automobile locksmith, car  unlock service and the list goes on…

We take care of all the important stuff so you don’t have to

  • Locksmith Website Design
  • Professionally Written Locksmith Marketing Copy
  • Optimize Pages For SEO
  • Setup Web Master Tools
  • Setup Google Analytics
  • Register Domain On Your Account
  • Setup Hosting On Your Account

and more…